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The ad that Fox News doesn’t want you to see – video

A Fox News Republican Party debate in January. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

By Anders Lorenzen

A video ad produced by the US arm of environmental group Friends of the Earth is mocking the news channel Fox News for not accepting that climate change is real.
According to Friends of the Earth US, Fox News turned down their request to show the ad during the Republican Convention in July.

In the video (see above), an actress portraying a female Fox News anchor reports one extreme weather event after the other , without mentioning climate change. And as she does so, she gets more and more submerged under rising waters. At the end of the video, the ad asks, “What Will it Take for Fox News to Admit that Humans are Changing the Climate?”
Friends of the Earth U.S. President, Erich Pica, explains the idea behind the video: “We want to call out the nefarious role Fox News plays by keeping its audience confused about the climate threat to the country and world. Of course, Fox News climate distortion is a big part of why Donald Trump and Republican elected officials also deny climate change, to the nation’s physical and economic peril.”
Friends of the Earth US further stated that studies have documented that other Rupert Murdoch broadcast organisations around the world frequently distort the reporting on climate change. This includes labelling it as a hoax. Friends of the Earth U.S says that such claims have no credible scientific backing. The organisation has called on James Murdoch, the son of Rupert and now the head of Fox, to stop distorting climate science. Unlike his father, James Murdoch is of the view that climate change is caused by humans. Erich Pica calls for him to take a stand on this important issue.
Since releasing the video it has gone viral and taken the internet by storm racking up over 400,000 views.  Responding to this, Erich Pica told A greener life, a greener world: “We are thrilled to see how deeply this ad resonates with people. Fox News must be held accountable for their irresponsible climate denial. We urge the network’s leadership to publicly embrace scientific facts, not fiction, in their reporting.”

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