Liam Gallagher lends his voice to alternative Christmas ad – video


The Very Hot Snowman

Still from the short video. Photo credit: YouTube.


By Anders Lorenzen

The world has a new climate hero. Well, at least, it has former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher. He has lent his voice to an alternative Christmas advert warning about all the things we risk losing if we don’t deal with climate change.

Gallagher was a controversial figure during his heydays at Oasis. Back then it was certainly not climate activism, but the very public and frequent spats with his brother Noel and others that brought him to public notice, as well as his lavish Rock n’ Roll lifestyle.

But in the video above, done for The Climate Coalition, Gallagher opens the just under one-minute long video by saying: “It’s winter and it is cold this time of year, isn’t it? Well, it might feel chilly and the wind might bite at your nose.” To the backdrop of a snowman in a cold winter landscape, but as the sun pops up in the background, he changes the tone: “But in the grand scheme of things, our Earth is too hot…And is getting even hotter. Our seasons are getting confused…Lots of birds are nesting earlier…And spring flowers are coming out too soon. This is what climate change looks like”. The landscape in the video then changes to spring-like conditions with birds perching on the snowman, flowers in bloom, while the snowman starts melting.

The video was made to raise awareness about our changing seasons as our planet is warming. The Climate Coalition urges people to observe the signs of the changing climate, and to tell people about it, that way we have a chance to protect what we love, they said.

The video is part of The Climate Coalition campaign ‘Show the Love’ which looks at all the things we risk losing if we do not deal with climate change.

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