Food that does not travel – video

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Shraddha Bhansali.

Our globalised food system means the miles traveled by our food are ever increasing, alongside the emissions produced. Furthermore, to make food more durable for these long journeys, chemicals are sprayed onto them which in turn make them less nutritious.

But in this TEDx talk, Indian food entrepreneur and restaurant owner, Shraddha Bhansali explain why it does not have to be this way.

In 2017, Shraddha opened the Mumbai restaurant Candy and Green with an emphasis on growing food locally and eating seasonally, essentially aiming for what she calls ‘zero carbon food’. Her rooftop garden in her restaurant, which she designed herself, produces enough food to feed the mouth of her restaurant guests, a model she is very proud of and wishes others would follow. She encourages regular people to take back control of their food and adopt similar techniques at home with domestic hydroponic growing kits and other methods on the market.


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