Bernie Sanders

US Elections – Ahead of the New York primary, Sanders echoes his anti fracking message – video

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

By Anders Lorenzen

In the run up to the hugely important Democratic primary in New York on Tuesday eve, Bernie Sanders has reinforced his message that fracking should be banned across the entire US. He paid respect to environmentalists in New York State for pressurising Cuomo to ban fracking. He was, of course, referring to the fact that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo banned fracking in the state two years ago. A move which has proven to be very popular among environmentalists.

In above video where Sanders addressed a crowd in Binghampton, New York, he called fracking a danger to precious water resources and said there is evidence to suggest that it has caused lung cancer and earthquakes as well as saying that it is highly explosive and is contributing to climate change: “If we are serious about climate change we need to put an end to fracking in all over this country”, the Vermont Senator said.


Due to the large share of delegates being awarded in the New York primary, it is one of the most crucial and anticipated primaries. A heavy loss for Sanders here, he would fall even further behind Hillary Clinton in winning the Democratic nomination and it might even become close to mathematical impossible, but reversely, a win for Sanders or even a narrow loss would bring even more momentum to the his campaign. With 1,087 delegates won so far, Sanders trails Clinton’s 1,307 delegates. There is a whopping 291 delegates to be handed out in the New York primary. Tuesday night we will know if Sanders fracking message would have been enough for people living in the New York state to give him the nod.

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