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US 2020 Election: Michael Mann says any democratic nominee is better on climate than Trump


Dr Michael Mann discusses his book “The Madhouse Effect” at CSICon Las Vegas on October 28, 2016. Photo credit: BDEngler – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia

By Anders Lorenzen

Dr Michael Mann, the highly respected US climate scientist and one of the scientists behind the controversial ‘Hockey Stick’ graph, has suggested that whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being, they must be backed by voters for the sake of the climate. 

He also tweeted that a second term of Trump will be a disaster for the climate.***

Several commentators disagreed and suggested that a Joe Biden presidency would have the same result.

Climate journalist Mark Hertsgaard, who is one of the people behind the initiative ‘Covering Climate Now’,  supports Mann’s view suggesting in a tweet that another four years of Trump would accelerate climate change to a point where it can no longer be reversed.

Many are worried that the division in the Democratic party could hand a victory to Trump. It is believed that 2016’s  ‘Never Hillary’ movement, in which Bernie Sanders supporters refused to vote for the eventual nominee Hillary Clinton and some even voted for Trump, could happen again. It is of course also plausible that if Sanders were to become the Democratic nominee, many conservative-leaning and centrist Democrats could abstain or switch side. 

Mann rejected the argument that not every Democratic candidate is better than Trump and suggested that this was the kind of reasoning which will ultimately destroy the climate. He also suggested naysayers could even be Russian ‘troll bots’.

One Sanders supporter said while he despises what the Democratic establishment has become, not voting against Trump is insane and evil.

Many Sanders supporters are angry with Biden for his own poor climate plan as well as dismissing Sanders’ climate plan as unrealistic and non-fact-based. They are also unhappy about his support for fossil fuel infrastructure projects as well as considering him an establishment figure. However, Mann’s argument is that even if Biden was nominated it would still be far better having him leading US’s efforts to tackle climate change than Trump, therefore all US citizens concerned about climate change should back the Democratic nominee.


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